These beautiful wines of Champagne represent Cour Des Lys’s vision. They are built to be cheerful, elegant and crisp and mostly (or completely) made from Pinot Meunier varietal. The complexity and "purity" of the range starts to increase with the Premier Délice (100% Meunier – Blanc de Noirs). These cuvées are not vintages - that is to say that it is available from year to year.

From a relatively easy approach, these 2 wines express a beautiful minerality but in a very different way. 

  • M² is built on a fairly classic style, accessible and built with reserve wine. It's a festive, easy, round and generous with nice vinosity cuvée. Ideal for an aperitif or coktail (sophisticated or not), a sip, and even a meal.
  • Premier Délice is a little more demanding, it goes up a notch, by its selection process and maturation, but also because it is a year of harvest and no longer a blend of a few years. Ideal companion for sushi or Japanese style dish. Always jovial though, a little more assertive and a “righteous taste” that is exceptional thanks to the natural roundness of Meunier’s varietal. The minerality is already present. 

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